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Facial Treatments


Our Luzern Oxygen Facials begin with a Skin Analysis. Our Estheticians can recommend the right treatment to address concerns and improve the health and appearance of your skin and customize solutions for your changing skin care needs.

Our facial line uses the highest quality ingredients and is at the forefront of clean beauty innovations, creating pure and effective cold processed clean formulas from the pristine Valais region of Switzerland. Our Pure Oxygen Facials will Purify, Nourish, and Re-build your skin providing younger brighter looking skin.



Toxins never found in Luzern

  • ZERO Parabens

  • ZERO Sulphates

  • ZERO Propylene Glycols

  • ZERO TEA/DEA (Triethanolmine/Diethanolamine)

  • ZERO Phthalates

  • ZERO Mineral Oils/Petrolatum

  • ZERO Synthetic Colours and Fragrances

  • ZERO Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde Releasing Ingredients (Imidazolidinyl Urea)

Following each facial you will receive a personalized Skin Care Program suitable for your skin care needs, the list of products will be customize to your lifestyle and skin care needs allowing you to continue your therapy and maintain your skin care needs at home.

With our facials you will also enjoy a relaxing hand, shoulder or head massage during your facial treatment.

Express Hydrating Facial Treatment
(30min $100)

 Designed to quickly hydrate, plump, smooth and nourish the skin delivering benefit and instantaneous results. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up before an important event.

Hydrating Facial Treatment
(50min $150)

 Luzern’s hydrating facial is the ultimate professional treatment for dry skin. Working in steps it begins with a deep cleansing and exfoliating. This will remove dead cell buildup which can cause chronic dehydration in the skin.

Advanced Hydrating Facial Treatment
(80min $170)

 Super-charged with high levels of clinically proven Bio-Suisse organic plant extracts and powerful, yet clean cosmeceutical activities, this treatment is the ultimate in addressing dehydration and dryness comprehensively. Skin is left feeling smooth, plump and deeply hydrated.

Calming Facial Treatment
(50min $150)

 Our calming facial is design for sensitive or reactive skin, design to rapidly repair reactive red and rosacea-prone skin. This facial treatment is a must for anyone suffering with sensitive skin or those who have had trouble finding any treatment protocol that helps their complexation.

Advanced Calming Facial Treatment
(80min $160)

 This treatment dramatically improves the state of the complexation and helps create a more balance state by gently removing damage skin with an aloe and pumping enzyme exfoliation followed by a detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage. A healthy boost of fortifying botanical nutrients are then infused with a pure oxygen between 2 super-charged masks design to powerfully reset the state of the skin.

Clarifying Facial Treatment
(50min $155)

 This deep cleansing facial is designed to bring the skin back to a perfect state of clean, clear and balanced. The clarifying facial leaves the complexion feeling perfectly balanced, fresh and revitalized.

Advanced Clarifying Facial Treatment
(80min $170)

 Super charged with high levels of clinically proven Bio-Suisse organic plant extract and powerful, yet clean cosmeceutical actives, this treatment is the ultimate in addressing congested skin, acne and clarity comprehensively, bringing the skin back to a perfect state of clean, clear and balance.

Firming Facial Treatment
(50min $160)

 Utilizing the firming and strengthening, anti-aging properties of high-tech peptides, apple stem cells and cell-renewing actives. This facial delivers on its promise to restore the skins youth and refine lines and wrinkles.

Advanced Firming Facial Treatment
(80min $185)

 Dramatically lifting, firming and strengthening skin with the use of anti-aging, high-tech peptides, plants stem cells, and cell-renewing actives, this facial delivers on its promise to restore the skins vitality and youthful tone, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultimate Ageless Advanced (anti-aging facial) Treatment
(80min $210)

 Transform your skin’s vitality with this ultimate, next generation, age-fighting facial. Cosmeceutical grade ingredients combined with rare ALPINE ORGANICS, delivers unparalleled cell renewal and deep nourishment to the skin.

Men’s Rejuvenating Facial Treatment
(60min $155)

 This facial designed for men will target ingrown hairs, dull skin and congested pores. Our serums and Algae mask will help hydrate, exfoliate, detoxify, nourish, moisturize, calm and restore the skin’s balance leaving it brighter, hydrated and fresh.

Teen Facial Treatment
(45min $95)

 Deep cleansing, exfoliation, gentle extractions, focusing on prevention and skin health.

Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment + Collagen Mask
(75min $170)

 Our micro facial is a Non-Invasive procedure for deep exfoliation to promote safe skin resurfacing. It helps to remove an optimal amount of dead skin cells, increases efficacy of the products resulting in visibly brighter and even skin tone. The deep cleansing facial will prepare the skin for our Collagen mask that will protect and firm the skin.

Hand Collagen Treatment
(45min $80)

 This treatment is super-charged with high levels of clinically proven Bio-Suisse organic plant extract to renew hands to its youthfulness. It’s a facial to the hands.

(60min $100)

 The professional natural herbal peel treatment collection is a proven, organic method of skin peeling used to treat many different skin problems. Based on traditional medicine perfected over time, Alex Cosmetics created a unique formula that is unrivaled and a quick and safe method to renew and regenerate skin in 5 days. Free of chemical additives and synthetic abrasives, this treatment consists of herbs that are cultivated under pure conditions. Treatment improves blood circulation, induces skin regeneration and increases cellular turnover.

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