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An alcohol-free toner that restores dry skin.


Hydrate and tone skin with L'Essentials Hydrating Essence Pre-Serum Treatment from Luzern Laboratories. This weightless alcohol-free essence is loaded with replenishing bio-Suisse extracts, ceramides and natural moisture factors that instantly absorb into the skin to prep, tone and hydrate. Replenish skin after cleansing by swiping on with a cotton round or splashing on a few drops from the palms of your hands. Hydrating Essence will quickly give a hydrating boost to refresh skin and prepare it for serums or moisturizers to follow.



  • Refines and gently tones surface skin without drying (alcohol free).
  • Hydrates to leave skin feeling soft, supple and balanced.
  • Energizes, refreshes and preps skin to get maximum results from skincare products that follow.

Hydrating Tonic

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